Heart Springz is a heartwarming inspirational fiction series created by WiMo Publications, targeted at singles and young married couples, with a purpose of building and reinforcing solid foundations for godly marriages. A number of marriages that are five years old and under are broken, threatening to break, or just like a white washed sepulchre – beautiful on the outside, in shambles on the inside.

It’s those simple issues that are never resolved and are allowed to grow into monstrous uncontrollable beasts that tear down a marriage from its roots. Many of these issues should be discussed during courtship; the foundation of a good marriage is laid during courtship. Better still – the foundation of an awesome marriage is laid when an individual hasn’t even considered getting married! That’s when an individual’s personality is formed, his character and value systems are shaped, and these are some of the little things that go a long way in contributing to how well his marriage will thrive in future.