Obinna was crushed.

Today was meant to be the happiest day of his life. The sun was meant to be bright, and the blue skies were meant to mean that everything was okay, right? But it didn’t.

His world was upside down, the bright blue clouds were caving in, and the weight of the large mass of the sun was resting on his shoulders. Heaving with the strength of a wheelbarrow pusher in a busy Lagos market, he gallantly fought back the tears.

No. it couldn’t be. Not after everything they had been through.

After the proposal, counseling, the back and forth trips to both families, and the preparation for the wedding. How could everything have ended this way?

“Lord, but I prayed…”

Trust in the Lord with all your hearts, and lean not on your own understanding… the word filtered through his mind, but were lost in the turbulent waves of confusing thoughts trailing in his heart.

“But she said yes…”

And then, God said no…

How else could he explain her sudden exit? That he would never hear her voice again? Or that everything they had planned was gone, with the wind? God has a reason for everything, but what could possibly have been the reason for taking her away?

How was he going to get out of this? How would he bear the pitiful looks he could almost hear them. “Ey-yah…” He could feel the penetrating stares of the doleful eyes of the uninvited guests to his pity party. “That’s him – the man whose fiancée left a day to the wedding…”

Obinna opened his eyes. No, it was not a dream. This was real.

“Lord, please help me…” a plea less like a prayer left his lips. “I don’t know where to start, or how to proceed… but if there’s anyone who can get me out of this… Lord, you can.”

God had found him before, and He could do it again, and lift him up.

Obinna thought of her smile, the gorgeous glint in her eyes. He broke.

Why? Why me? Why did this happen? He couldn’t get the beautiful smile out of his head, or the forever mark that had been seared in his heart.


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