Visions (Episode 5)


A phone began to ring.

Adamu looked around. It was coming from his pocket. He ignored it, along with the uncomfortable looks that he received from the people that gathered around him. He recognised them, the vultures that called themselves his uncles, and their greedy wives and children, their eyes hit him hard, almost burning through his skin. He gave in, retreated, and pulled out the phone from his pocket. He looked at the dialer. Angelica. He switched it off, and marched back to the grave side, just as the coffin was being lowered.  Someone began to sing. It had been his mother’s favourite song. Her voice filtered through time, and he could almost hear her again…”Amazing grace, how sweet the sound…”

The burial ceremony came to an end, and he was back to his mundane routine-styled life.

He was back to his serviced apartment. He clicked open the door, he looked around. Everything was neat, in place and aligned, the way he liked it. On the counter was a lady’s female top, a souvenir to let him know one of his girlfriends had let herself in. Which one, he couldn’t remember, then he heard the flirtatious giggle coming from his room.

He walked, slowly towards the room. And he saw her, the long legged beauty. She was twenty, maybe a year older, or younger. Too much make up, no manners. He must have been drunk on the night he let her in. “What are you doing here?” He asked her. “How did you get in here?”

She was wearing one of his t-shirts, and it dangled over her knees. “You gave me a key, remember?”

Adamu groaned inwardly. He hardly remembered the night when he had attended his client’s celebratory dinner, and she had been his trophy for clinching a deal.  He could hardly remember her, except for getting drunk, the dancing, and ending up in his apartment.

“I came to cheer you up,” she began, advancing towards him.

“My mother just died,” Adamu said harshly, she shook. “Just put your clothes on, and leave.”

“But…” She tried to interrupt. “Baby… you can’t just…”

Adamu took her by the arm, and she let out a howl like a wounded lioness. “I said leave…” He dragged her to the door, and he threw her out. He tossed a wad of naira notes at her. “Take a taxi, and just go.” He shut the door, leaving her stunned.

He went back to his room, made a call.

“Yes, please don’t let that woman back into my apartment, do you hear me?”

“Okay sir,” he heard at the other end.

“Good.” Adamu went to his cabinet, pulled out a bottle and poured himself a drink. Somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to drink it.

“I dedicated you to the Lord…” He could still hear his mother’s final words to him. “Promise me…”

He dropped the glass, and decided to hit the shower instead.



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