Visions (Episode 3)


If only he knew what was in my heart, Felicity thought inwardly. How I long for the days when we had nothing on our table, but a few seeds of groundnuts, swimming in a bowl of garri. Those days when we were a family, we had all our priorities right, and we were together. What was there to look forward to when she awoke to a house filled with strangers, and there were no familiar faces to dull the ache, or help her relive her memories?

“There is more to life than numbers, Adamu…” she stretched out her hand towards him.

Adamu took her fingers and he touched the wrinkles on them. “Mother, it will be fine,” he told her, then as he heard the voice on the other end of the phone, he switched his attention to his conversation. “Yes, Ajayi, I know, I know, don’t worry, we’re on top of things…” he sighed as he spoke, and he wove his words together. This was important especially for a new client who had invested heavily and was learning to trust in the game. Adamu rose to his feet. “I can give you a hundred and one percent assurance, we will not lose. This is my job, and I didn’t come without good recommendation, so relax, sir.” Adamu began to pace slowly.
Felicity watched him, like a mother who had lost a priced possession. It seemed like yesterday when he had come forth into the world, screaming in agony, and putting smiles on her face and his father’s. They had prayed for him and he had come into the world after they had waited for so long. Adamu had great plans for his son, he was going to do so much for him, then disaster struck. It had changed her husband, and it had changed her son. It had changed her life.

Adamu walked away, still on the phone. Felicity knew she had no more time, she had to let Adamu know, she had to tell him.

“Lord, please give me a little more time. I need to talk to him, I need to get him to know before it’s too late…” Felicity closed her eyes and once again, the visions came, this time stronger than before.

Adamu walked towards her and he pressed a kiss on her forehead. “I love you.”

“I’ve been having the visions again,” Felicia began.

“Are you still on your medications, mother?”

Warily, her eyes darted sideward. “I’m not crazy…”

“Well, your visions are…”

Felicia looked apprehensive, Adamu touched her head. “You’re fine, I’m fine, nothing is wrong, and nothing is happening. You’re fine, I told you…”

“You have to listen, Adamu, God is real, and I believe He is…”

“I know, just try to get some rest, alright?”

“Will you listen to me? I sent for you, so listen to what I have to say, and stop interrupting.”

Adamu looked at her in the face as she spoke,

“You are my son, and I want what’s best for you. My son, there is danger ahead, you have to be careful.”

“It’s my job to be careful, I always am. God didn’t need to give you visions to tell me that.”

“Hold fast unto what your mother and your father taught you, and on that day, when no one will be there for you, you will remember their words.” Felicia was frantic, tugging at his shirt. “Promise me.”

“Look, there is no need to…”

“Promise me,” Felicia began.

“I promise.”

Her face eased up, a satisfied smile rested on her thin lips. “Now, I can rest.” She closed her eyes, she looked so peaceful lying there. She began to hum, a melody that drifted and floated past events like dried leaves on a windy morning.

Adamu looked at her, her hands clutched his. He realised something was wrong, she wasn’t blinking any more, and she stared into some faraway unknown place. He felt a nudge instantly. She wasn’t humming anymore.

She was gone.

“Mum, Mum.”

No response.

He darted around to get the nurse.



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