Visions (Episode 2)



Adamu walked in long, hurried strides. Clad in a grey Italian suit and his French shoes. He wore his grey suit on days when he had to see his bankers. Bankers were funny people who always profiled you from head to toe, and the grey suit always sent the message of being on top, unruffled, and expensive.  A red tie he had worn because red was his mother’s favourite colour, and he had come along with her favourite smile. When was the last time he saw his mother? Two months, three months? Maybe four, he couldn’t remember, now.

The nurse opened the door to the left. He looked into the room. Nice, tastefully furnished. His money had fetched far more than he had even thought. Nice colour, pink walls, and mahogany – just as he had recommended.

“Adamu…” the frail woman was lying in an upright position, her eyes drawn in, her face pale but her skin radiant and testified to a life well spend and enjoyed. “I sent for you…”

“Yes, you did, and I came.” Adamu filled the chair next to her, a chair that looked relatively new, considering the fact that it had been there for over two years. He looked at her for a while.

“You came two weeks late.”

“I sent Dr. Steven…”

“Dr. Steven is not my son…”

“Mother, what do you want? I have given you the best medical care money can buy. I even upgraded this hospital just because of you. I pay the doctors very well to look after you.”

Felicity Adamu cleared her throat. “I am dying Adamu…”

“Don’t say that. Dr. Steven says you have many years to live..”

Felicity smiled faintly. “Jesus is calling me home.”

Adamu resisted the urge to roll his eyes, and he looked past the bible that she clutched firmly to her side. “Calling you home? Is that what they teach you these days?” He turned to the television screen, and pointed the remote to it, and the channel changed to one where a fairly confident news anchor was reading the report of daily stock prices.

Felicity cast her weary eyes towards him. He was fully engrossed on the screen, his eyebrows arched, where and he heard the vibration of his phone.

“What’s happening – I thought I asked you to call me if…”

“That’s why I called you sir.” Angelica started.

“By how many percent have the stocks dropped?”

“Three point two.”

Adamu picked up a calculator by his side and he punched in some numbers.

Felicity watched him sadly, her eyes were moist with tears and she longed to reach out to him and talk to him. Where was the little boy she had known, she had loved, she brought up in the way of the Lord?

“Okay, that’s not good…” Adamu started. “Angelica, just let me know what happens. If it drops to point three…”

“What do we do sir?”

“We sell, that’s what.”

“But you’ll need to talk to Ajayi, he’s called me like a zillion times this morning.”

“A zillion times?”

“Okay, less than a zillion times…”

He looked at Felicity, “Sorry mum about this,” he started. The he looked at her again.

“You know you’re all I have left in this world,” she started.

“Mum stop saying that,” Adamu looked through his telephone contacts and he dialled a number. “I’m working for you so you can the best kind of life, the kind my father never gave you.”

“There you go again about your father… he tried the way he could… he invested so much in you – your education…”

“And I’m not going to let him down,” Adamu looked at her. “I’ll give you all the comfort you can possibly imagine, mother. The days of suffering are long gone.”




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